Low cost, high quality No active electronics to color sound Frequency range: 20Hz-17kHz Polar pattern: Figure 8
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The MXL R40 is a solidly built, elegant-looking ribbon mic that features passive circuitry to keep the signal as pure as possible. By employing just two main components-ribbon motor and transformer-the R40 maintains the classic, smooth sound that makes ribbon mics a top choice for recording rich-sounding vocals. In keeping with its straightforward design, the bi-directional R40 has no switches in the circuit path, just like any high-end ribbon mic-just an XLR connector at the base. The MXL R40 excels at vocal recording, as well as guitar, horns, and other acoustic instruments. *Note: While the R40 boasts a sturdy design, care should be taken placing it in front of high-SPL sources. Extreme close-miking at very high SLP can damage any ribbon mic. **Do not use phantom power with the R40. Phantom power will damage a passive ribbon mic.
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